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Thank for your Service and Dedication to our Country & the Family Card

Daddy you are home!

The reason we put on the uniform and the reason we come home.

Dear American Hero...place for Patriots to hang out

We wave the symbol of our Freedom each and every day here

A Hearwarming song from Mike Nichols

A Great Christmas present for your Hero

Worn, Torn & Burned but still waving Proudly

Remembering Their Sacrifices our Heroes and their Families
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Use this form to request cards from Dear American Hero
  • Requesting persons name
  • Your mailing address
  • Used only if there is a problem with your request
  • A valid e-mail address is required to mail the cards
  • Amounts over 600 total cards will require a donation before mailing.
  • Amounts over 600 total cards will require a donation before mailing


Latest News

Free Stuff websites

I have overwhelmed by the Free Stuff websites this last week. I received over 600 requests for the cards ranging to just a few cards to over 2 billion. I’ve been working for hours trying to sort out the supporters of ... read more

Found the problem

The website http://www.munchkinsandwich.com/ a website that offers “free stuff” has put me on their site and I have request they remove Dear American Hero from their site. ... read more

Suspicious Requests for the cards

In the past 4 hours I have received about 100 requests for the cards. This is highly unusual and I suspect that it is a internet robot so I will not be sending out the cards until the mystery is solved. ... read more

Exciting news about a new card being developed

By the end of this month I should have a “First Responders” card printed and ready to go out.

Request the cards form now working

I have installed a new form to request the cards and it seems to be working just fine at this point. Please let me know if you have any problems. Dick Glasgow, founder Dear American Hero (Since 2006)
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